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Bookbinding Gap


The is a recycled book in which I inserted signatures of 140 and 90 lb watercolor paper.  I used a bone folder to press the paper and a coptic stitch, pulling the linen thread as much as I could.  I didn't use tape or glue paper or cloth over the spine.  I wanted to make sure that glue didn't get between pages - preventing each page from opening flat.

The book was made from a 50+ year old book of Micahelangelo Sonnets and his drawings were scattered throughout the book.  I incorporated many of the original pages in my book which is intended for figure drawing practice.  What better inspiration could I have?  Here is the first mixed page layout.


I decided to cover the two gaps between signatures with a piece of Michaelangelo's drawings - one page was divided in half and glued in place with PVA glue. 




I'm constantly amazed at all the things you can do - this looks like a wonderful project!

Really cool. The strips covering the gaps are a lovely touch.

That's a lovely, decorative fix! Looks like it was designed that way! *lol*

I really admire your investing the time and patience to make your own books.

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