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Every Day in May: May 8th

85219984@N00.jpg Time to start Lesson 4 in my Watercolor Skills Workbook: 3-Dimensional Form-The Art of Illusion.  The first exercise is "Drawing the Basics: cylinder, cube, cone, and sphere."  I set up the forms, put a light across the still life and sketched the shapes.  Next I may try to do them with watercolor shading - but not tonight. 





Hi Shirley,
First, I wanted to let you know you had a starring role in my dreams last night and today's dream drawings on my blog. If it's not ok to link to you as I did let me know and I'll take it out. I couldn't put my blog url in this comment (it got stripped out) but it should show up in my identity.

Second, what a great idea to use actual forms for doing this kind of work. Where did you find these shapes and what are they made of? I've wanted to do some studies like this and search around the house for stuff to use, but didn't find anything. Your drawing is beautifully rendered--nice soft shading which I need practice with.

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