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Every Day in May: May 15th/ EDM Challenge #118

85219984@N00.jpg  It took me awhile to decide what to sketch for this challenge - and finally sorted through old photos to find one of me 40 years ago with my long braid.  It was cut one year later and I never let it grow that long again.  I still need lots of practice sketching faces and my husband says that it doesn't look anything like me. 





I'm envious of this hair! What a cute drawing you've made!

but tell him its a great idea...I said so:> cute sketch...maybe we should tag people to tell us how long thier hair used to be...i could sit on mine:> note the word COULD...that was hmmm 25 years ago...

A perfect illustration for this challenge- I really like it.

Shirley, this is a nice drawing, full of charme!!!

This is a great drawing. I love the definition and depth of the braid. Very cute!

What a cute, fun painting! Perfect for you EDM challenge!

Your faces have improved greatly over time. I once wondered how you could do such great architectural details yet have a hard time with faces, but now you do wonderful faces.

Lovely sense of fun in this painting. I cut my hair the day I left school (and stopped biting my nails)

This a great twist on the hair challenge. NIce colors and I love that pose!

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