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Every Day in May: May 16th and May 17th

85219984@N00.jpg Those of us participating in the Every Day in May challenge are more than halfway - and I'm definitely getting faster at scanning and uploading my daily journal pages.

 May 16th:  I went to the Paul Poiret fashion exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was captivated by the mannequin who was reclining on piles of pillows and a bed in the middle of the gallery. 


 May 17th: Katherine Tyrrell and I found Christopher Lambert's book Taking a Line for a Walk when we visited the Southbank Galleries in London in February.  Katherine bought it then and I received it as one of my Mother's Day presents.  The author walked from Le Havre France to Rome with several pens, some watercolor pencils, and a small sketchbook - and kept a wonderful travel journal - one page per day - every step of the way.  He never considered publishing it and the writing is small - but very interesting - necessitating me to use my magnifying glass to read the text.




looks like a fascinating book....will have to check it out on amazon...love the neat crispness of your sketches...lovely job...

Oh wow, that book sounds really interesting! I'll have to look it up. :)

WOWZA Shirley!! LOVE this reclining manikan!!! SUPER SUPER JOB! I too have the same book -- isn't it grand? You did a great job on the book too -- and I agree, a magnifying glass is needed to read it!

I bought this book on Katherine's recommendation - it's such a treat - I made my journal for cycling to Orange the same size because you can fit an open spread on the scanner - very handy.

You're doing so well to keep this up. Lovely sketches and I really like your mannikin

I love these Shirley. The colors are so nice and bright. I have heard of that book and now it sounds even more interesting.

Oh Shirley what lovely sketches, you always have such a fresh, light approach - I am so intrigued by the book I ordered it!! Now I have to find a magnifying glass too.

Shirley these are lovely sketches!! And I must go look for that book ...

Looks like you had a great time at the museum. I really enjoy your blog and your drawings.

Great sketches!

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