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Birds, Birds, and Surf

When our friends are visiting us, and we are taking early morning beach walks, we see and find such interesting things.  We usually see skeletal parts of skates, and various fish skulls.  There are lots of empty helmet crab shells, and skate egg sacs.  This year we even saw one whelk egg case!  But this year we also found a bird skull!  My friend Jeff loves to do the research and using a bird skull identification site, he determined that it was from a "shearwater" bird that lives on the East coast.  I sketched dorsal, ventral, and lateral views, adding it to my painting of a feather that was different than all of the gull feathers lying on the beach.


At the end of our walk, 8 of us had coffee on the beach and Jeff's wife Sara and I sketched more scenes from the beach.  We had two pairs of birds right above us and next to us, and they definitely did not like the competition and squawked at each other the whole time.  The gulls love sitting there watching everyone eat.  The black birds (crows or grackles?) were newcomers.


Deliberate Practice:  I take pictures of the surf so I can practice with masking fluid when I'm home. 



Outstanding paintings, Shirley. Love anything to do with the sea and water.

Shirley How long does it take for a sketch like the one above? How many grand children in the Levine family? the sketches are terrific My Lady friend is a nature freak and she goes bird watching early in the morn with her binoculars when ever we travel she had worked in a zoo to pay for her College so she knows all about the animals and birds. It is not my cup of tee but whatever works is fine with me.

The sand looks wet and luminescent-wonderful sketch!!

Great sketches! I especially love the beautiful feather.

Love this stuff! Looks like a nice place to spend time.

These are really wonderful. I especially like those interesting skull sketches.

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