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Family Weekend at the Beach

We just returned from our Family Weekend at the Beach.  One of our children lives in DC and as a group we have increasing difficulty finding a summer weekend that everyone can be together.  Our oldest grandchildren are leaving for 7 weeks in summer camp this week and just about when they return, our DC grandchildren will be going back to school.

I invited my alien AXEL to join us too. 


I only did one sketchbook page while we were there.  The activity level was way too high to concentrate, but now that I'm home I'll work from a few photos I took.

On one of our beach walks we saw an area roped off as a tern nesting area.  We are used to seeing this for piping plovers.  I wasn't sure that I could recognize a tern, but it wasn't long before a tern and 3 babies were spotted ahead of us on the sand.


The hardest part of our summer weekend, and holidays when we are together, is to get a photo of all 8 grandchildren.  It was starting to rain, and I quickly got them lined up and took several photos.  Here they are - ages 2-11!   




You really have a fine looking set of grandkids there. :)

Nice sketches, Shirley. Great bunch of kids too.

Delightful pics and the photo is precious. I'm off tomorrow to Ohio to see our 5 grandchildren and to meet the baby who was born June 12th.

Wonderful sketches...I love Axel!

Great post, Shirley! Ties things together even if you didn't get the sketching in that you were want to. That seems typical on my trips, too. Love to sketch but pulling the time with family around is tough.

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