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The Rest of the Beach Journal Pages

I finally added watercolor to the remaining drawings from our recent beach visit with Annabelle.  Early one morning, when we were finishing our beach walk, a plein air painting class was just beginning on the deck of the Snack Shack at Cooper's Beach.  Most appeared to be oil painters.  I watched them for several minutes, then took pictures and used the photos to recreate the images.





This was the first time that 1 year old Annabelle saw the ocean and she was very wary.  But my husband and I were able to take her for a little walk at the edge of the surf.  Her father, our son, took this picture and provided it for me to sketch for my journal page.  Someday I will need to collect together all of the sketches I've done of my family from the back.  It would be a unique portfolio....




The painting of you and your husband with your grandchild is precious. What a joyful image.

Delightful sketches!

Very charming trio of drawings and a wonderful reminder of a special time with your grandchildren! nancy

Great sketches. I am trying to work on drawing people, these are inspirational.

Hi Shirley,
What wonderful mementos of Annabelle. I am sure these will appreciate in
value over the years and you and your family will be glad to have them to
remember what usually fleets by so quickly. It looks like you are enjoying
your new retirement. Thanks for sharing these with the group.
Best wishes,

I love these, Shirley!

These are lovely! I'm glad I stumbled onto your blog. Happy sketching!

I'm continuing on with my sketching daily...thanks for getting me started. I've had some fun trying to make skin color! It looks like you have it down - what's your secret? Really like these drawings! Sara

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