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Holiday Weekend at the Beach


We just returned from a Holiday weekend with our children and their children.  This is the first photo that we have of all 6 grandchildren this year - and I'm thrilled to have a new one.

I sketched every day in my summer watercolor journal - in which I try to paint something that will help me remember the day.  Here are 4 pages.

 Blue Mussel Shells:  I bought a wonderful laminated shell identification card which Callum calls "the map" and we tried to ID shells that I brought home from our beach walks. 


Our 3 and 4 year old grandsons made great progress "swimming" this weekend and spent lots of time going back and forth between their parents and the wall without floaties.  This is a pair of goggles that were abandoned on my chaise while I was watching them.


We waited for our car AC to have freon added and I was sitting next to this planter and flag - which looked especially forlorn after the holiday was over.


I take sea gull pictures each time we walk on the beach.  These are several drawings of one gull from those photos.




Lovely, Shirley! The shells are just perfect, so refined and elegant.

Lovely holiday memory pages, and your grands are absolutely adorable, all sitting so well for their group picture - they will treasure all these pages as well. Stay Cool!)

What a beautiful family! All of your sketches are out of this world. And I truly admire your discipline to paint every day.

Marvelous sketches and GORGEOUS children! Happy times!

Ahhh, such sweet children. Boy, will they ever have family memories-they are so close in age!
Enjoyed the paintings.

Great sketches! I really like the pictures of kids. They are just so precious. The flag and the gulls are really nicely drawn. Thank you so much for your comments too..and yes I am keeping a few copies of my published work ;)

You've got a lovely handful of trouble there, beautiful kids!
Your journal pages are always interesting and very well done, giving us an idea too of your days by the sea.

This is a great way to collect memories.

Adorable picture of your grandkids! And all the sketches are terrific. I especially like the sea gull strutting his stuff!

The kiddies are precious! I can see this as a very big painting --- future heirloom to all concerned!

I've been reading your blog on my iphone in the mornings but hate the "virtual" keyboard so haven't been leaving comments. I just wanted to tell you I am just head over heels in love with your artwork these days. You have a unique sweet expressiveness in your line and color that seems to honor and elevate each subject in such a loving way. I love reading about your New York City art adventures (although I remain envious). I've referred a friend to your blog as a way to inspire her to go ahead and retire (again) so that she can, like you, blossom into her art life.

Your grandchildren are lucky to have you for a grandma and to have so many cousins near their age. How wonderful!

Ditto everything Jana said! And the children are just adorable!

I love your sketches, but that photo of your beautiful grnadchildren trumps everything.

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