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Beach Week Daily Drawings

We were at the beach for several days in June and I never uploaded any of the daily drawings that I did.  It was an amazing week for finding shells on the beach - last year we barely found any and this year I only brought home perfect ones. 

My Straw Hat - but it was too breezy to wear it on our morning walks.


A few of my favorite types of shells - the variation in color of the moon snails and bay scallop shells is truly amazing.  I could use one shell for an example of nature's perfect color combinations each time I paint.





I love the seagulls and this was the only one we saw with this coloration.


We took a ride to the end of the South Fork to the Montauk Point Lighthouse for the first time.  It is a wonderful place for drawing and painting.




I am a beach lover especially in the early mornings or late afternoon. I love your journal entries especially the shells You really did a nice job in the rendering and the softness of the colors. Another good spot on Long Island is the vineyards on the North Fork, at least that's what I have heard. I have never been but am planning to head on out this summer.


Great beach sketches! It sounds like a wonderful time spent at the beach. And those shells - how pretty! I'm a shell collector too. I have them in decorative glass and ceramic bowls throughout the house. Little treasures :-)

Wow! What pretty shells!! You have drawn them so well!

I love these sketches! They are all just so soft and sweet =)

Your shells are so beautiful, both the painted ones and the real ones. Such soft colours and shapes. A lovely jouranl entry about your walks on the beach, wish I was there too!

Nicely done. I love your sketches of the shells.

Oh my! you had a profitable art week. The sketches are so reflective of your beach visit. The shell collection is so huge and colorful.

Great sketches. I love beach things to sketch. Those shells are amazing.

Terrific drawings, especially the shells! And I like your collection, they are so colorful!

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