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Beach Week - Part 2

These are my morning journal pages from the second half of our beach week.  Each morning we would all go for an 8AM 2+ mile walk on the beach and the 3 wives collected things that we wanted to draw/paint while walking at the surfline.  These were our beach treasures.  The shells were not very plentiful this week, in comparison to just one week ago when we we there for July 4th holiday.

Morning 4:  We found one small dead fish, one children's plastic toy fish (blue) and one toy rubber flounder covered in sand in addition to several other types of tresures.  I sketched and painted these on one journal page as we set at the Cooper's Beach Snack Shack having coffee.


Morning 5:  I found a real assortment of things and put them all together as a still life with my empty coffee cup.


Morning 6:  I found a few shells and a beautiful long gull feather from one of the brown spotted gulls.  All week we used "google" to see if we could confirm that these large gulls were actually the young ones.  Anyone know?


Departure:  We kept a vase of fresh hydrangeas from the garden, in the kitchen, all week, and I finally decided that I needed to end my beach sketchbook pages with a painting of them.



These are wonderful memories of your trip! Hydrangeas are among my favorite flowers (altho I have an awful time growing them). This is a lovely little painting of them. nancy

Wonderful sketches and memories from your trip. I can't get my mind off one thing though. Did you carry the dead fish with you and draw it at the coffee shop?

You've captured the moments so beautifully!

I hope you saved the rubber flounder so you can try monoprinting from it. A la Jane Davila et al.

Whata great momento of your vacation. Those lovely blue hydrangeas were the perfect way to end the sketchbook.

A beautiful set of sketches to revisit.

All the sketches are terrific, they will make wonderful memories. But, I am partial to the hydrangeas. They are outstanding.

beautiful sketches, so delicate and pretty!

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