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EDM Challenge #227 + other Journal Pages


This is a drawing of my tote/book bag that I use for work.  It is made of a heavy canvas and has one zipper pocket and two mesh side pockets - one of which always contains my umbrella.  It is black and I decided to draw it with a Pilot Varsity pen and then brush water over the non-permanent ink.  I just felt like playing!

Tuesday was my birthday.  I spent the day in New Jersey with my 90 year old mother and then returned to Manhattan to have dinner with my husband and oldest grandchild.  Henry graduated from kindergarten last Friday - and came to stay with us -across the Park - for a few days because his siblings were still in pre-school each day.  We had a wonderful dinner at Naples 45 and then as we were walking back to the entrance at Grand Central Station, I took a photo of Henry and my husband carrying the left over pizza.

After getting Henry into bed, I only had enough energy to sketch some 90 second pose maniac figures - this time in different colored pencils,


The next evening I sketched from the photo.


I am currently doing a countdown until I retire - 40 years after I started my first full time job!  I have only 7 more work days - scattered over the next 2+ weeks!


for one thing the outfits of the guys--how wonderful for the variety and colors...then the tote bag washed--well, that is a fantastic idea of yours! It gives the sketch a different life and I like it a lot.....Winna

Retirement! - oh joy - a few years ago when I was getting ready to retire, I filled a jar with 28 beans - then removed one each day. It was thrilling to see the jar becoming empty (you could use jellybeans)

the Henry and Barry sketch is charming - love it

Congratulations on both your birthday and your retirement. I love the sketch of the tote bag - very cool melting effect.

Your people sketches are always wonderful, but that tote bag is Fun so water-y - I will have to try that technique - and Congrats on nearing retirement - you will have lots of time to play!!

The effect of 'smudging' your non waterproof pen is fantastic. It gives the sketch a real softness. I say "Yay to Play!!" It's quite funny to think your tote always contains an umbrella but it 'rained' on your sketch!
I always love looking at your site and am a great admirer of your style and use of watercolours. You're one of the artists I aspire to be. I recently replied to Owen that I didn't know if I could define an artist - I don't think I would ever be able to but I know that the work I see I think of in my mind as art and your work always ticks that box.

I wish I could draw figures/people as you do. It looks so natural.

A belated Happy Birthday to you and Good Luck with the retirement .... more play time :-)

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your retirement and all the adventures you will have.
I really like the watery, inky look that you have on the tote bab. And as always, your paintings of people are delightful

Nice washed out effect of the tote bag :) I think it brings out the realism of the bag itself.

whew...you have a lot to be congratulated for....beatiful sketches above, a birthday and a retirement! congratualtions on them all! Hope you have a wonderful year, along with this new chapeter in your life and may it be filled wih all kinds of art challenges!

Belated happy birthday! I like the tote bag. I haven't drawn for the Everyday Matters challenge in months, but your sketch inspires me to get out my pen.

I really love the tote bag and the effect of the water on the non-permanent ink. I definitely need to try this!

Wow happy birthday (belated) and happy retirement (to come). Have a wonderful time spending more time with your family and art. Love the sketch of your tote bag—Jennifer

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