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May 16, 2010

Every Day in May - 16

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a new fashion exhibit called the American Woman.  It was crowded, and I sketched two garments quickly and then painted them at home - mostly from memory.  The whitish stripe down the center of the page is from Photoshop removal of the gutter between the two pages. 


Every Day in May - 15

Melly, Pat, and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Picasso exhibit and the new fashion exhibit called "The American Woman."  I can't get enough of the series of small paintings of artist colleagues that Picasso did as a very young man in Barcelona.  Here is the second one in the series that I sketched.  The exhibit was extremely crowded so this was drawn very quickly with colored pencils. 


May 14, 2010

Every Day in May - 14

I finally finished the book inspired by Gwen Diehn's book on Darwin.  Hers was really small.  The ones that our Journal Study Group made are 3" X 5". 


Here is the cover of mine.


This book has two concertinas, one that makes up the spine and end papers of the book and a second one that makes the pages.  The concertinas are stitched together with a 3 hole pamphlet stitch.  The spine of the book is then held closed with one stick which goes through 3 tabs - two on the front cover and one on the back.

These are the pages that I created using stamps I made from figures I sketched at the Society of Illustrators figure drawing sessions this spring. 

End paper on the left and page 1:


Pages 2 and 3:


Pages 4 and 5:



Pages 6 and 7:


Page 8 and End Paper:


When the stick is removed, the spine can be opened to reveal a hidden image.  This is a stamp that I made from my painting of mother and child - inspired by a Henry Moore sculpture.


May 13, 2010

Every Day in May - 13

Another Stamp of the Pregnant Model: 

I made yet another stamp from one of my drawings of the pregnant model at the Society of Illustrators Figure Drawing Sessions.  I was wondering whether I could paint the page with watercolor and then have the stamp ink completely cover the paint.



May 12, 2010

Every Day in May - 12

Here is more of my new art supplies - a Schmincke watercolor triad to try.  For the last 5 years I've been using a palette of Winsor-Newton paints, but at Christmas and now I used gift money to buy two triads of Schmincke paint to see if I like them.  These little tubes of paint are expensive - but fortunately they last awhile when I am just painting in my journals.  These are 3 primaries plus neutral tint - I just don't like mixing complementaries every time I want a light gray.



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