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Every Day in May - 16

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a new fashion exhibit called the American Woman.  It was crowded, and I sketched two garments quickly and then painted them at home - mostly from memory.  The whitish stripe down the center of the page is from Photoshop removal of the gutter between the two pages. 



It's never easy to sketch/draw from memory. Somehow I would turn them into cartoon if I draw anything from memory. =) Thanks for your comment Shirley on the St. John's Cathedral's drawing. Frankly I am not very happy with the drawing either, maybe because it reminds me too much of technical drawing. I prefer to draw something fun and with a lot more freedom

Nice idea for sketches. I think they are pretty good! ;-)

Nice garment drawing! And I really like your stamps with the pregnant woman down below as well. Just lovely! How do you do the stamps?

Nice sketches Shirley, thanks for your email.

The poor gutter!
Nice job, Shirley.

I am so envious of you, that you get to go to the Met and sketch, not to mention to see the great exibits. I think I have to live in New York att some point in my life. :)

Great sketches!

Oh, I just love the colors on the right! Excellent sketches!

really nice sketches!

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