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May 6, 2010

Every Day in May - 6

Three grandchildren came for dinner the other evening and Sydney brought me these flowers.  They look like peonies, but are actually double tulips.



May 5, 2010

Every Day in May - 5

Last night I sketched 3 posemaniac.com figures in 5 minutes each using the 9B woodless pencil and stump recommended by Rankin in his Fast Sketching Techniques book.  I enjoyed fast sketching and equally fast shading with the stump, but this morning realized that my new figure sketchbook is too big for my scanner!  Yikes! 



May 4, 2010

Everyday in May - 4

Our  Journal Study Group met yesterday and we all made 3" by 5" books using a prototype that Gwen Diehn sent to me after she spent an afternoon with us in March.  The stick goes through 3 loops, keeping the accordion spine closed.  There are 8 pages of watercolor paper to use inside.  I plan to put more of my pregnant model stamps on the pages inside and then have a surprise hidden on the spine.  I'll take photos when I'm finished.

 I just LOVE cute little books!



May 3, 2010

Every Day in May-3

Yesterday I went to see the Watercolor Society of America annual show at Salmagundi several hours before it closed.   This is the second year that I went to the exhibit and again I was overwhelmed by the talent of the group and their beautiful handling of watercolor.  My fish were inspired by fish that I saw on two of the paintings.  Following the show, I walked across 12th Street in the Village to Utrecht art to get a 9B pencil to work on David Rankin's Fast Sketching Techniques and saw this beautiful tulip growing in front of a brownstone. 



May 2, 2010

Every Day in May -2

Sydney and Callum came to our apartment yesterday afternoon while big brother Henry went to the Yankee game with our daughter and son-in-law.  The afternoon ended with Cal and I playing with the Play-Doh factory!


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