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Every Day in May - 13

Another Stamp of the Pregnant Model: 

I made yet another stamp from one of my drawings of the pregnant model at the Society of Illustrators Figure Drawing Sessions.  I was wondering whether I could paint the page with watercolor and then have the stamp ink completely cover the paint.




Well it looks like it worked! Very nice.

I love the print style, and the background colors are gorgeous!

This has a lot of potential! Great job! What do you think you'll use it on?

Beautiful. Love the use of colours.

Nice stamp - I actually like the broken effect you get with stamps.

Ooooh, I love this one! So beautiful! What do you make your stamps from?
This really came out gorgeous!

That's gorgeous, and very creative! The pregnant woman's shape is beautiful, and works wonderfully with the soft colored background.


You are so amazing with these stamp carvings! This is really wonderful. nancy

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