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Every Day in May - 12

Here is more of my new art supplies - a Schmincke watercolor triad to try.  For the last 5 years I've been using a palette of Winsor-Newton paints, but at Christmas and now I used gift money to buy two triads of Schmincke paint to see if I like them.  These little tubes of paint are expensive - but fortunately they last awhile when I am just painting in my journals.  These are 3 primaries plus neutral tint - I just don't like mixing complementaries every time I want a light gray.




Lovely sketch! Nice vibrant colors and I like them a lot =)

I've always wanted to try these paints, but never did. Have fun, Shirley!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your new paints. Of course if you don't enjoy them you can go back to your less expensive ones happily, lol.

Great new toys! I very recently treated myself with a little set of Schmincke watercolors (half-pans, though, not tubes), since I've desperately wanted to try watercolor myself after seeing all those awesome paintings by edm members. Nothing better than new artsy toys!
Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with them!

Enjoy your new paints, lucky! I like your sketch, too.

Lucky you, Shirley! Those colors are delicious!

Have lots of fun with your new art toys! I'll be interested to see how you compare the 2 brands. nancy

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