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July 12, 2009

Sketchcrawl at the Central Park Zoo - Part 3

I finally painted my last sketchbook page from our trip to the Central Park Zoo.  The tortoise and the skink were not very interestin animals, but they stayed perfectly still while I made a quick sketch, so I decided to add them to my blog with all of the other animals.  They obviously are not drawn to size.



July 11, 2009

Sketchcrawl at the Central Park Zoo - Part 2

I painted sketchbook pages 6 and 7 from our sketchcrawl on Thursday - but will probably leave page 8, the tortoise and the skink, as is.  The Snow Leopard is one of two introduced to the Zoo this past Spring and we were extremely lucky to have her moving around her enclosure and for a short while sitting on a ledge directly in front of us.  As she jomped from rock to rock, frequently jumping up another level in the process, you sensed what powerful animals they are.


We ended our sketching in the Tropic Zone - a huge enclosure that is so full of tropical birds and other animals that you need to pay attention to see all but the most brightly colored.  Here are two of those.  I can't look at a Toucan without conjuring up a Fruit Loops box on our breakfast table. 



July 10, 2009

Sketchcrawl at the Central Park Zoo, NYC

Yesterday I met 4 "Art Buddies" at the Central Park Zoo for our own mini-sketchcrawl.  I was very unsure about my ability to sketch moving animals so when I arrived 20 minutes early, I did a 10 minute sktech of one of the animal sculptures on the Delacorte Clock and then a 10 minute sketch of a mother standing in line with a double stroller and backpack.  These were my warm-ups!





When everyone arrived, we went to the Penguin House, where the Chin-Strap and Gentoo penguins were being hand fed.  It was difficult to sketch these frisky guys.  I took some photos to make sure that I remembered the coloration, and finished them at home.


There was also a tank with several tufted puffins and ducks in the Penguin House and I sketched them from an angle where I could see above and below the water line.  They were never still long enough for me to see the effect of the water line on their images, so I ignored the refraction error.  But I also took no photos so adding a watercolor wash at home this morning was difficult.   




The polar bears were very cooperative - Gus slept the entire time and we couldn't see him very well.  Ida stayed in several positions long enough for all of us to sketch her. 


I still have 3 more pages of sketches to paint at home, including the newest member of the Zoo - the snow leopard.  It was an amazing day - sunny, cool, and lots of fun to be with 4 other women who all were equally challenged and enjoying the experience.

July 8, 2009

Holiday Weekend Sketches

We spent the 4th of July weekend at the beach with two of our children and their families.  We were busy having fun with our 4 grandchildren, so only a brief sketch was done in my recycled sketchbook each day.  I was mesmerized by the color shifts between the sky and the ocean one morning and wanted to try to capture the colors - but of course you can't really see the true colors on the scan unless I enhance it!  Oh well.  We were seated in the shade some distance from the surf.


Just to have some live figure drawing practice with people who don't move, I sketched my daughter and husband relaxing in the sun.


We love early morning 2 mile walks on the beach - looking for shells and bones from the fish, skates, and rays.  When we were there in June we found lots of cartilage/bone pieces, and only a few shells.  This time there were none of either.  I'm beginning to learn the cycle of the sea!  But there were wild daisies growing on the path to the beach so I took a spray home to draw and paint while I had breakfast.


My favorite sketches at the beach are the sea gulls.  But it is really difficult to get close enough before they fly off, so I take photos and sketch them after my pictures are uploaded.  I always try to get a photo of them running for take-off, but never get the exact clear image I want.  Some of my other seagull drawings from previous beach trips can be seen in the Southampton category in my blog.




July 7, 2009

EDM Challenge #230: Draw a Map


Last Tuesday was my last official workday, 40 years after I graduated from Medical School.  I made this trip from my apartment on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan to Albert Einstein College of Medicine regularly - and was always amazed that driving 10 miles against rush hour traffic in the City took me almost 40 minutes from door to door.  Of course I first needed to walk from my apartment to our garage - stopping at the fruit and vegetable vendor on the street to get fruit for breakfast.  Then I always stopped to talk with the Garage supervisor about her newest baby.  At the other end, I walked several blocks from the parking garage to my building - checking out the flowers that were in bloom or following the progress of autumn leaves or new buds in the Spring.

I love drawing maps and started each of my 3 London sketchbooks with ever more detailed maps of the area in Chelsea where my daughter and her family lived.   

We just returned from a Family Holiday at the Beach - and I need to scan and post at least one sketchbook page from our visit. 

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