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Holiday Weekend Sketches

We spent the 4th of July weekend at the beach with two of our children and their families.  We were busy having fun with our 4 grandchildren, so only a brief sketch was done in my recycled sketchbook each day.  I was mesmerized by the color shifts between the sky and the ocean one morning and wanted to try to capture the colors - but of course you can't really see the true colors on the scan unless I enhance it!  Oh well.  We were seated in the shade some distance from the surf.


Just to have some live figure drawing practice with people who don't move, I sketched my daughter and husband relaxing in the sun.


We love early morning 2 mile walks on the beach - looking for shells and bones from the fish, skates, and rays.  When we were there in June we found lots of cartilage/bone pieces, and only a few shells.  This time there were none of either.  I'm beginning to learn the cycle of the sea!  But there were wild daisies growing on the path to the beach so I took a spray home to draw and paint while I had breakfast.


My favorite sketches at the beach are the sea gulls.  But it is really difficult to get close enough before they fly off, so I take photos and sketch them after my pictures are uploaded.  I always try to get a photo of them running for take-off, but never get the exact clear image I want.  Some of my other seagull drawings from previous beach trips can be seen in the Southampton category in my blog.






Those gulls are great!

If you are using a digital camera, you probably (unless it is an SLR, in which case, borrow your grandkids' camera!) have MOVIE mode.

When I want a good photo of a moving object like my kids, I set the camera on movie mode and shoot some seconds to a minute of action. Then, when uploaded, I can view the AVI on the computer and pause the playback at the exact shot I want. I have software that allows me to extract a single frame, too, if I wish.

Good luck!

'morning Shirley,
Love this photo of your happy and excited little grandbabies. I couldn't agree more about the flightiness of birds. LOL Your seagull sketches are enchanting. August is our cottage time with the littles so we're getting pretty excited ourselves.

Oh What FUN, what joyful faces!! Love the essence you captured at the beach and those gulls are Perfect studies!!

These beautiful paintings make me miss the beach! Those are some adorable children. You must really be enjoying your time with them.

Wow sounds like sooo much fun, I'm so jealous sitting behind by computer at work;)
My favorite is the gulls... simply gorgeous!

Oh, I just love these - especially the lifeguard stand - I can just smell the salt air. And what a happy and adorable bunch of grandchildren!

Shirley, I love the simplicity of your sketches! They really capture the breezy, sunny feel of the beach. Your grandkids are super cute too!

Great sketches. I love the touch of color. It makes the sketch come alive. Looks like your grandkids were having a great time.

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