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Sketchcrawl at the Central Park Zoo, NYC

Yesterday I met 4 "Art Buddies" at the Central Park Zoo for our own mini-sketchcrawl.  I was very unsure about my ability to sketch moving animals so when I arrived 20 minutes early, I did a 10 minute sktech of one of the animal sculptures on the Delacorte Clock and then a 10 minute sketch of a mother standing in line with a double stroller and backpack.  These were my warm-ups!





When everyone arrived, we went to the Penguin House, where the Chin-Strap and Gentoo penguins were being hand fed.  It was difficult to sketch these frisky guys.  I took some photos to make sure that I remembered the coloration, and finished them at home.


There was also a tank with several tufted puffins and ducks in the Penguin House and I sketched them from an angle where I could see above and below the water line.  They were never still long enough for me to see the effect of the water line on their images, so I ignored the refraction error.  But I also took no photos so adding a watercolor wash at home this morning was difficult.   




The polar bears were very cooperative - Gus slept the entire time and we couldn't see him very well.  Ida stayed in several positions long enough for all of us to sketch her. 


I still have 3 more pages of sketches to paint at home, including the newest member of the Zoo - the snow leopard.  It was an amazing day - sunny, cool, and lots of fun to be with 4 other women who all were equally challenged and enjoying the experience.


These are great sketches! The tufted puffin is my fav. What a comical looking fellow!

These are terrific! The polar bear and the penguins are my favs.

It looks like you had a fun time. These are really great sketches. Love the penguins and the puffin.

Hurray!!! I came here via your link at our new superBlog2. Good work. I'll have a note about how to add your Gravatar (little face icon) going soon.

Got here through the EDM Superblog2 link. It worked! Your animals all look happy! Esp the penguins.

Wow, I am just so impressed that you could get so much done in just a single trip, that's simply amazing! Really nice sketches and you've nailed the expression department. :)

How fun is this day! Felt like I was part of your "zoo-crawl"!

great sketche sShirley...I left a comment on the new EDM blog too for you...very cool!

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