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July 27, 2009

EDM Challenges #232 and 233

Challenge #232:  Draw The Last Thing You Bought:

I am not a shopper, unless I'm in a book or fabric store.  The last things I purchased were books.  Two weeks ago I bought childrens' books from the Cat in the Hat Learning Library series: Clam-I-Am! and I Can Name 50 Trees Today for our grandchildren.  This week I bought two summer books for me to read on our travels. 


EDM Challenge #233:  My Favorite Drink

I love coffee and enjoy my first quiet hour of each day, when I drink several mugs of filtered coffee, and plan the day.  This is so important to me, that I must be able to make coffee in hotel rooms so it is ready as soon as I wake up and even before I shower and get dressed.  During a Christmas visit to London in 1988, I bought myself a present at Harrods - a Russell Hobbs filter travel coffee pot.  I have enjoyed it on many trips since then.



July 25, 2009

Back at the Beach

We're back at the beach for the weekend - enjoying our grandchildren.  I love the sea gulls and keep finding new ways to sketch them.  These were sketched with the Pilot Varsity Pen and then "painted" to get the ink to run.


I took this photo during our last visit, as we walked past a group of young children in wet suits who were waiting for their class to begin.  I thought they were so cute standing there watching the waves roll in. 


These sketchbook pages were photographed and not scanned and I can't seem to adjust the background color with Photoshop Elements.  Oh well!

July 20, 2009

Afternoon at The Met

Our guests returned with us to New York City after "beach week" and we spent the afternoon at the Met.  I did a quick sketch of Sara and Renee while they were looking at some of the exhibits in The Pictures Generation Exhibit.


The 3 of us then went to the Model as Muse Costume Institute Exhibit while our husbands went to the Art of Afghanistan Exhibit.  Since I've already sketched in the fashion exhibit several times, I concentrated on accessories.



July 18, 2009

Beach Visit

We spent last week in Southampton with friends that we have known for many years.  Each morning our group of 6 went for a two mile walk along the beach, enjoying the beautiful weather, watching the activity of the gulls, and collecting "treasures" to be sketched.  There were very few shells, in contrast to the same week last year.  After our walk, we sat at the Snack Shack, had breakfast, and sketched our Still life of treasures.



Clockwise:  Gull feather, skate egg sack, moon snail, crab claw, and small crab shell.






July 13, 2009

EDM Challenge #231: Draw a Junk Drawer

This is the inside of the junk drawer in my bedside cabinet - SIMPLIFIED!  In the basket on the left front one pen represents about 50, one highliter about 12, one emery board about 6.  On the right front are individual packets of yearly Filofax calendar pages from 1993 through 2008.  The black leather zipper case in the back contains some information about renting apartments in Europe.  The compartments on the right back are in a plastic silverware drawer insert and contain much more stuff in each section.  On the far right back is an old Altoids tin and a pen case full of fountain pens that I love but no longer use!


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