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December 15, 2007

EDM Challenge # 149: Draw a Broom

We have a short broom to sweep the fireplace hearth - and I'm not sure that we use it as much as our grandchildren.  Normally it is kept in a copper pot with kindling, but I like to sketch at night in our library, so here it is resting on my leather ottoman.  I found that drawing bristles is hard!


I just remembered that I sketched the fireplace almost two years ago when this blog was less than one month old.  Here is a copy of that drawing with the copper pot - but no broom.



December 12, 2007

Atlanta Trip

I just returned from 6 days in Atlanta, where I was attending an annual meeting of my medical society.  It comes each year at such a horrible time - but the cities I visited during the last 30+ years are all gorgeously decorated for Christmas.  When I arrived last Thursday, I did a sketchwalk (as discussed by Mari Le Glatin Kreis in her recent book) and filled the whole 2 page spread of my Moleskine watercolor journal. 

From left to right across the two pages:  The American Airlines logo from the airplane, the antique Celtic pin complete with a sharp dagger on the bottom which was in my carry-on (by mistake) and picked up by TSA (they let me keep it!), one of the many Poinsettia plants in all areas of the Georgia World Congress Center, the top of the Westin hotel which was visible from the Congress Center, and a view of the entrance to Olympic Centennial Park as seen from my hotel - the Omni at the CNN Center.



On the second day, to get a head start on my Art Goals for 2008, I sketched one of my friends who was giving a 30 minute lecture.  My son, who is also a member of the society, thought there was a likeness, so I was pleased.


On the final day of the meetings I sat in the Omni Hotel, listened to Christmas music which was playing in the lobby areas, and sketched 3 beautiful Christmas ornaments.  The gold and silver gouache doesn't show up in the scans, but the beautiful metallic reflections attracted me to these 3.





December 5, 2007

EDM Challenges 146 (Food), 147 (Wood), and 148 (Soothing)

EDM Challenge #146:  My two favorite foods are good bread and ice cream and I could have both for supper and call it a wonderful meal!  This is a Skinny Cow mint and chocolate fudge ice cream cone that I sketched and painted really quickly before I ate it.


EDM Challenge #147:  Draw Something Wood

This small wooden box has inlaid black marble squares and one brass square on the top. 


EDM Challenge #148:  Draw Something Soothing

This Christmas Door Doll, that is 20 + years old, is wearing a Tara Aromatherapy Neck Wrap that was given to me by my daughter last weekend as an early Christmas present.  It gets heated in the microwave for 2 minutes and then provides at least an hour of moist heat to your neck muscles - relieving all computer strain.



December 4, 2007

Christmas Creativity

I love making decorations at Christmas and for more than 30 years have been making Christmas Pillows and Tree Ornaments.  This year I used Procion MX dyes and black gutta and "sketched" my Santa on silk for a new pillow.  Working with paintbrushes and dye on stretched silk is not very different  than working with watercolors.


I have been making 2 dozen tree ornaments - all from the same design - every year since my children were babies.  They became presents for family, teachers, ballet teachers, coaches,  and friends.  When each of my 3 children were married, I gave them a large bag full of all of their ornaments and now also give them to our grandchildren.  Many of my Santa ornaments were sketched as part of the EDM challenge "Draw a Collection" (Santas-1, Santas-2, and Santas-3) when I first joined EDM.  This year I made pigs from hand-dyed pink cottons and 3 of them already went home with our grandchildren Henry, Sydney, and Callum for their Christmas tree.



December 1, 2007

November Figure Drawing Practice

One of my Art Goals for 2007 was to sketch more figures.  These are my journal pages for November.

Gesture Drawings:  Passenger in airport terminal, an actor in a one woman play about Elizabeth Blackwell, and a ballet class member warming up.  I find it really difficult to sketch almost constantly moving figures!




Dancers:  Only one dancer sketch from a photo this month - done in the Cafe after ballet class.


Nude Figures:  from my Artists' Visual Reference photo book:



Several Faces as a prelude to ART GOALS 2008:  The first is from the front of my edition of Madame Bovary - my Book Groups' November book for discussion.  The second are two faces I did from my Cezanne Basel Sketchbooks.



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