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EDM Challenges 146 (Food), 147 (Wood), and 148 (Soothing)

EDM Challenge #146:  My two favorite foods are good bread and ice cream and I could have both for supper and call it a wonderful meal!  This is a Skinny Cow mint and chocolate fudge ice cream cone that I sketched and painted really quickly before I ate it.


EDM Challenge #147:  Draw Something Wood

This small wooden box has inlaid black marble squares and one brass square on the top. 


EDM Challenge #148:  Draw Something Soothing

This Christmas Door Doll, that is 20 + years old, is wearing a Tara Aromatherapy Neck Wrap that was given to me by my daughter last weekend as an early Christmas present.  It gets heated in the microwave for 2 minutes and then provides at least an hour of moist heat to your neck muscles - relieving all computer strain.




Wow - I just came across your site looking for something else. I loved the sketch of your daughter and son-in-law's home for their Christmas card! I've always wanted something similar. Do you think you could do one for me if I sent you pictures of our home. It's a townhouse too!

I'm totally willing to pay! Please let me know!

Oh I'm with you on the bread. I just love it. Neat box and love that doll!! I have one of those neck soother also.

Your doll is very adorable, Shirley and she looks quite snug in that neck soother. Do you suppose she had some of your ice cream, too? She appears very contented!

Shirley, These three drawings are totally charming, especially the doll with the very relaxed neck muscles!

Great job on the ice cream, I can tell it was a quick sketch cause I don't see any drips. Don't you just love those warm neck wraps? and the doll is very cute.

YUMMY ice cream -- sounds right up my alley -- chocolate and mint! and that doll is adorable! Neat box -- well don, Shirley!

Your sketches are always fresh and lively and these do not disappoint. Lovely coloring and shading - have a safe trip and 'see' you next week!

Oh that ice cream is so great! It made me very hungry and I just happen to have a drumstick in the freezer....

Great sketches! Love the little doll and the neck wrap is something that I'm going to put on my christmas list!!

What yummy ice-cream! Wonderful sketches all of them, and I'm going to have to get one of those neck wraps. Thank you for your lovely comment on my Musings blog, I'll definitely keep updating my moving-toFrance news!

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