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Christmas Creativity

I love making decorations at Christmas and for more than 30 years have been making Christmas Pillows and Tree Ornaments.  This year I used Procion MX dyes and black gutta and "sketched" my Santa on silk for a new pillow.  Working with paintbrushes and dye on stretched silk is not very different  than working with watercolors.


I have been making 2 dozen tree ornaments - all from the same design - every year since my children were babies.  They became presents for family, teachers, ballet teachers, coaches,  and friends.  When each of my 3 children were married, I gave them a large bag full of all of their ornaments and now also give them to our grandchildren.  Many of my Santa ornaments were sketched as part of the EDM challenge "Draw a Collection" (Santas-1, Santas-2, and Santas-3) when I first joined EDM.  This year I made pigs from hand-dyed pink cottons and 3 of them already went home with our grandchildren Henry, Sydney, and Callum for their Christmas tree.




Now those are cute!

Oh I do love those pigs! The buttons for the noses are just great. And this year I am especially attracted by the idea of homemade gifts. I want to do such a project, but haven't figured out what yet. I better get on that :)

Oh Shirley, the pillow is beautiful but I want one of your pigs. I'm writing to Santa right now!

WHAT A CLEVER and sweet tradition, Shirley! I LOVE the Santa! And those wee piggies -- reminds me so much of the south with our emphasis on pork and pork production! GREAT WORK, Cara!

oh my gosh! those pigs are PRICELESS!! I'd like a whole tree full of those!

Shirley, I love the santa pillow. What a great idea to "sketch" using fabrics. I followed the link to your sketches of the santa ornaments. They are beautiful!

Oh my, what cute pigs. How are they hung?

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