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November Figure Drawing Practice

One of my Art Goals for 2007 was to sketch more figures.  These are my journal pages for November.

Gesture Drawings:  Passenger in airport terminal, an actor in a one woman play about Elizabeth Blackwell, and a ballet class member warming up.  I find it really difficult to sketch almost constantly moving figures!




Dancers:  Only one dancer sketch from a photo this month - done in the Cafe after ballet class.


Nude Figures:  from my Artists' Visual Reference photo book:



Several Faces as a prelude to ART GOALS 2008:  The first is from the front of my edition of Madame Bovary - my Book Groups' November book for discussion.  The second are two faces I did from my Cezanne Basel Sketchbooks.




BEAUTIFULLY DONE, Shirley! Your figures have such GRACE and DELICACY!!!!!

You have such a feminine style- very elegant. I love Mme Bovary's face especially, and I'm so impressed that you could draw during a play! I tried to draw during a modern dance last week (very slow moving) - there are only scratches on the page!

Wow, these are really wonderful Shirley!!! You are achieving this goal just wonderfully.

Shirley, these are great! I especially love the Madame Bovary piece.

Wow Shirley, these are simply Stunning !! Thank you for trying to post on my blog too.

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