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EDM Challenge # 149: Draw a Broom

We have a short broom to sweep the fireplace hearth - and I'm not sure that we use it as much as our grandchildren.  Normally it is kept in a copper pot with kindling, but I like to sketch at night in our library, so here it is resting on my leather ottoman.  I found that drawing bristles is hard!


I just remembered that I sketched the fireplace almost two years ago when this blog was less than one month old.  Here is a copy of that drawing with the copper pot - but no broom.




NEAT broom, Shirley! And I love that you added the sketch of your fireplace! I hope you've been using both this w/e!!! We have propane logs and since our temps went from 80 to 30, we've had ours on too. I LOVE the color of the broom -- unusual and fun!

Perfect Shirley - I forgot about our hearth broom - yours adds some lovely color to this EDM series we have posted. And the copper pot is Great with the shading, especially for one of your first posts!

I like both your drawing of your broom and the older one of your fireplace. I haven't tried drawing bristles so can't comment there.

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