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June 23, 2006

Color Project Orange - June


I didn't have many orange items to paint - and will soon be leaving for London - so I'm uploading a few of the completed sketches/paintings before the month is over.  My warm and cool reds and yellows produced oranges that were very similar.  The colors in my Daler-Rowney travel set, which were used for the lily, produced much more varied and interesting colors.  This ends 6 months of using my current palette - one cool and one warm red, yellow, and blue - which I used for an entire month of painting each primary and secondary color.  When I see my 18 month old grandaughter in London, I may be inspired to work with pinks!  Until then, I'm done.  The scans were more difficult than usual today - maybe because the paper was more buckled.

I'm still doing a minimum of one page per day in my sketchbook because I'm determined to improve my drawing and painting skills in 2006.  I still feel most free working in my inexpensive spiral Aquabee Globetrotter sketchbook, so I'm not making much progress moving to the Moleskine or Cachet watercolor journals that are waiting on the shelf.  There are several threads on the forums at Wet Canvas about sketchbooks and I'm comforted to know that many others share my "Fear before action" (see my EDM challenge #70 entry).  I found some of the proposed solutions hilarious as those who have no trouble using "special journals" try to coax those who do.

May 14, 2006

Color Project Purple - continued


I continue to work on purple this month and have several more paintings done.  Click on the image to enlarge the scan.

It is definitely harder to mix secondary colors than to just match primary colors to objects sketched.  I loved sketching and painting the hydrangea that was growing in a windowbox in front of a neighborhood restaurant.  Most of the people arriving for brunch ignored me completely, but one man just said "nice painting" over his shoulder as he passed me and entered the restaurant.  This was great for my confidence of sketching AND painting in public.  Information on the cool and warm blues and reds that I used are in the first purple entry for the month. 

May 5, 2006

May 2006: Color Project Purple


I think that I was so worried that I wouldn't find anything purple to paint, that I found many things in the first few days of the month.  I therefore decided to post some now and then any remaining paintings throughout the month.  I spent a day mixing my cool and warm reds (alizarin crimson and cadmium red) and blues (French ultramarine and winsor blue) to see the range of possible purples - and found it difficult to match the exact colors without some premixing and testing.  From left to right: (1) miscellaneous toys and household items, (2) myrtle ground cover, (3) eggplants, and (4) a beautiful pansy.  Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Previous months I painted blue (January), red (February), green (March), and yellow (April).  These previous entries can all be seen in the "Color Project" folder on the right side of the webpage.

April 26, 2006

My Month Exploring Yellow


This was my month to try to replicate yellows, using cadmium yellow and winsor lemon as my two primary tube paints.  My yellow daffodils and yellow NY Checker cab paintings were already posted as EDM challenges 61 and 60 respectively and can be found in the archives.  I have now completed 3 primary colors and one secondary color.  I liked mixing shades of green and next month I will look for purples!


April 3, 2006

EDM Challenge #61: Draw a Grouping


Yesterday was a beautiful day in New York City and everyone was outside enjoying the early spring weather.  Central Park was full- many ball games, bike riders, walkers, runners, sun bathers and just plain folks sitting on the benches.  There were several beds of daffodils at the park entrance on E 86th Street and I stopped to sketch a few while I was walking with my granddaughter in her stroller.  I was delighted to see the EDM challenge for this week because I already had my grouping of 4 different daffodils and just needed to finish painting them today.  Within the next 2 weeks there will be many beds of tulips in bloom as spring definitely arrives in the Northeast.  I'm watching and periodically sketching one specific tulip plant that is growing in a flower bed in front of my building.  I can't wait to see what color it is!  This daffodil painting was going to be one of my series of Color projects since I'm exploring YELLOW this month.  Now there will be one less to add at the end of the month.

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