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May 2006: Color Project Purple


I think that I was so worried that I wouldn't find anything purple to paint, that I found many things in the first few days of the month.  I therefore decided to post some now and then any remaining paintings throughout the month.  I spent a day mixing my cool and warm reds (alizarin crimson and cadmium red) and blues (French ultramarine and winsor blue) to see the range of possible purples - and found it difficult to match the exact colors without some premixing and testing.  From left to right: (1) miscellaneous toys and household items, (2) myrtle ground cover, (3) eggplants, and (4) a beautiful pansy.  Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

Previous months I painted blue (January), red (February), green (March), and yellow (April).  These previous entries can all be seen in the "Color Project" folder on the right side of the webpage.


THESE ARE INCREDIBLY LUSCIOUS -- especially the eggplant!! SUPER JOB!

Oh, lin you stole the words off my lips. Luscious. Those eggplants are so completely tantalizing and I'm not really a fan of them. Brava!!

Lin STOLE my word *LOL*! I was thinking to myself that your eggplant looked luscious. Great gob! I just noticed that Melissa was going to use the same discription, that's gotta tell ya something! Purples are definately touchy. Where are you getting your list of colors for the month?

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