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My Month Exploring Yellow


This was my month to try to replicate yellows, using cadmium yellow and winsor lemon as my two primary tube paints.  My yellow daffodils and yellow NY Checker cab paintings were already posted as EDM challenges 61 and 60 respectively and can be found in the archives.  I have now completed 3 primary colors and one secondary color.  I liked mixing shades of green and next month I will look for purples!



GORGEOUS!!! And yellow is such a perfect choice for the month!! LOVE THESE, Shirley!

Love your yellows, the mixer is perfect! Purple sounds interesting, gosh, there are so many shades! I will be checking in to see how you are coming along.

OH Shirley........... Deliciously delightful Yellow drawings, they are marvellous my dear!!

How fun to see these all together! You have done a wonderful job making the colors for all these different things.

Love your yellow. Someday I will do a color month...right now I am just trying to draw daily on our trip.

Wonderful yellow monthly drawings! Good for you for following through!
I did yellow and worked on pink (but lots of color studies, not real paintings ... just a few!), and think I'm going to start working on green. It can be quite a challenge to find objects of one color -- I bought a lot of lemons and yellow peppers! :-)

The rubber ducks are just too cool.

Outstanding. Nice way to explore colors. Like your subjects. Nicely done.

This is SO sweet- I love it! I'm up in canada, and thankfully, I've seen the canucks DO have peeps! *whew!*

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