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March 30, 2006

EDM Challenge #60: Draw a Car


I sketched and painted cars twice already in 2006, so for this challenge I decided to use my Grandson Henry's toy New York City checker cab.  Since I will soon start my yellow month, as part of the Color Project that I am doing, it was exciting to get an early start. 

March 28, 2006

Green Color Project


March was the month for me to explore mixing green watercolor paints.  I continue to use Winsor-Newton tube paints and have a cool and warm color for red (alizarin crimson/cadmium red), blue (French ultramarine/winsor blue), and yellow (winsor lemon/cadmium yellow).  I also use burnt sienna, burnt umber, and neutral tint to expand the color choices.  It was fun to move from blue (January color) and red (February color) to green because mixing a secondary color before changing it further took more mixing and experimentation.  I try to choose items for this project to expand my color range and then to replicate the actual color to the best of my ability.  For new members of the EDM group, exploring one color for an entire month was inspired by Laura (of Laurelines) and I am now only one of several members who have followed her lead. 

February 28, 2006

February Red Color Project


February was my month to experiment with my cadmium red and alizarin crimson W-N tube watercolor paints.  I made several more sketches, but these are representational samples of the type of paintings that were done.  The "lion" journal, which I purchased in Venice, was done using a watercolor mask. I was pleased with the process because it actually looks very similar to the handmade cover - imprecise sketching and painting.

February 26, 2006

January Color Series

Last Fall Laura F. shared her 2005 color series with the EDM group.  I am such a novice with watercolor paints that I just made the change from student grade pan paints to Winsor-Newton artist grade tube paints.  This seemed like a great time to play with color mixing (my favorite part), so I used blue to January - a frosty cold winter month in the Northeast. 

Cool: Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine Blue, Winsor Lemon

Warm: Cadmium Red, Winsor Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium  

To learn how to mix colors using these two triads, I sketched objects in my apartment and tried to duplicate the colors for 6 months.  These are from January 2006, my Blue Month.   








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