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December 13, 2016

Annual Christmas in NYC Day with Diane and Nancy

I was waiting to meet friends from DC at ABC Carpet, which is a winter wonderland each holiday season.  Each year we look at the displays and get so many ideas for colors and decorating.  I took the time while waiting for them  to draw a few of the animals that were part of their displays.   



We did some shopping at Fishes Eddy and Flying Tiger, also on Broadway around Union Square, and then in the afternoon spent a few hours at the FIT Museum exhibits.  Photography was not permitted in the Proust's Muse (Countess Greffulhe) exhibit, but these were elaborate clothes from another era and too hard to draw on the fly.   A second exhibit, Black Fashion Designers just opened and was amazing - full of clothes I would love to wear now.

Proust's Muse will end on January 7th and Black Fashion Designers on May 16th. 

This is a photo of many terrific designs, especially the white and black evening dress. 


And this is my sketchbook page documenting 3 of my favorite designs.



December 9, 2016

Another Christmas Season Begins

I just spent the morning decorating our Christmas Tree, and had so many memories.  I started sewing Christmas ornaments for family and friends in 1975 and made at least 20 per year from the same design.  It is now possible to fill the 8 foot tree with just the ornaments I made.  The exception is the large painted Santa Starfish ornament that is barely visible on the top of the tree in this photo.  That was given to us by wonderful friends 45 years ago when we both lived in LaJolla CA near the ocean!



My grandson Callum loves the Goldfish I made in 2002, before any of our grandchildren were born.  So this year I made 8, as the annual ornament that I give to each of them.  I love that they will have a collection of their own by me when and if they have Christmas trees to decorate.  The white dove on the lower right was made with fabric from my wedding dress - leftovers after I made lingerie bags for my daughter and two daughters-in-law for their weddings. 



I made the goldfish from a pattern originally purchased from Magic Threads in Lincoln Nebraska.  I had to reduce the size to be used as an ornament - the original pattern was meant to be decorative hanging fish.  Six of our grandchildren will get their goldfish Saturday night when they come across town for a holiday sleepover.  The other two will be here for Christmas this year and get to take theirs home.


December 6, 2016

Quick Drawings

For days when I can't even imagine sketching outside of the apartment, I have 3 x 5" blank index cards and a pencil/pen in my very small purse.  Thursday evening we took our oldest grandson to a concert by the Orchestra of St. Lukes at Temple Emanu-el.  This was the synagogue in which Henry was a Bar Mitzvah one year ago.  We sat in the second row of this space that seats 2500, and I suddenly realized I could sketch the place where he stood during his part of his service.



Drawn with a soft graphite pencil. 



And then I sketched the cellist.


December 1, 2016

Barcelona Travel Sketchbook - 6

This is the final blog post from my travel sketchbook.  The remainder of the pages are filled with a few photos and relevant business cards.  One beautiful day we took the Metro close to Barceloneta and set off for our longest walk of the trip.  We walked along the waterfront of the peninsula, past the gorgeous boats, and all the way out to the W Hotel for lunch. 


There are lots of outdoor restaurants adjacent to the hotel, and we stopped for a late lunch and a rest.  During lunch I "sketched what was in front of me,"  my internal guide for drawing all through this vacation.  Then we continued our walk along the entire beach front where people were enjoying the warm day. 




Another day we decided to walk around the western part of Eixamples, to see the area behind the University of Barcelona.  There are many galleries in the area, and we enjoyed visiting them and the Museu del Modernisme which has one floor of furniture and another floor of paintings and sculpture.  They had a Ramon Casas exhibit that I wanted to see, but was disappointed with the museum lighting.  Before we left I sketched a terracotta sculpture of Antoni Gaudi.   



On our last day we visited the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts, where Picasso, and Gaudi attended art school many years before it moved to a new location.  The space is now occupied by a small museum featuring the art of the faculty from the school.  It is located in Llotja (The Maritime Exchange) and from there we enjoyed walking through Born-Ribera, and from Barri Gotic, all the way back to Eixamples.  I loved this sculpture.   


I started my sketchbook with a painting of Maurice Sendak's Micky in his bread dough airplane, and also added Mickey flying home to the last page.  We loved Barcelona and our very leisurely exploration of this beautiful city.




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