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June 11, 2011

Two More Beach Journal Pages

Our beach week ended yesterday, and I have two more journal pages to post - both done at the end of our 2 mile early morning beach walks.  We haven't figured out why there is "feast or famine" finding shells on the beach, even when we are there around low tide. 

My husband and I LOVE walking the beach early in the morning and see only occasional dog owners and joggers during the 2 mile strolls.  We saw more crab shells like the one I posted earlier, but still can't identify it.  And we always see several skates and horseshoe crabs that have washed up.

Some sea gull feathers and a slipper shell - one of approximately a half dozen I found: Scan10921.size.jpg

This is my straw hat - with several shells from the morning walk resting on the brim. 


And a birthday photo:


I'm amazed that the sea gull's really long wings, fold up and are barely visible on the gulls.  I brought these photos home to do some summer sea gull drawings - which I find almost impossible to draw on the beach.  As soon as I walk toward them, they scurry off and as I get closer they look like a gigantic plane heading faster and faster down the runway until they are eventually airborn.




June 7, 2011

A Few Days at the Beach

My husband and I are spending a few days at the beach.  We love to take long walks on the beach early in the morning, and spend time collecting shells and learning about the variety of fish, crabs, skates, skate egg sacs etc that we see.

One of my grandsons asked me to start a shell collection for him and in the last few days I found a good selection: clam, scallop, oyster, moon snail, whelk, mussel and slipper shells. 


There were several dead horseshoe crabs, and two of these crabs that we still can't identify.  Any ideas?,


Today I painted 5 views of the largest and prettiest intact moon snail shell I found.  Now I look forward to tomorrow's walk - we never know what we shall find!



June 4, 2011

Illuminated Fashion at the Morgan

There is a wonderful exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum

Art historian Anne Hagopian Van Buren (1927-2008) studied firmly dated art from Medieval France and Flanders in order to understand fashion during the period 1330-1515.  Most of the paintings are from illuminated manuscripts and more than 50 of them are on display in the exhibit with a historical timeline, enlargements of major paintings, and 4 mannequins with clothing from the paintings.

Teri, Pat, Benedicte and I were mesmerized and spent more than two hours sketching and learning.  The website is fantastic - and contains each of the paintings with detailed analysis of the clothing and the source. 

I'm posting my two journals pages - with drawings and lots of notes.  I was most fascinated by the womens' head coverings - the horns of temple composed of hair and straw and the turrets with attached transparent veils that replaced them.



June 1, 2011

Memorial Day in Washington DC.

My husband and I spent a long Memorial Day weekend with our son, his wife and our 3 year old grand daughter Annabelle in Washington DC.  When she was born, I started a sketchbook for her and I routinely fill one page each day that we visit.  It is part travel sketchbook and part visual journal of our days together.  I completed 4 pages during this visit and I'm including them in this post.  Prior pages can be seen by clicking on the Washington DC category at the bottom of the right-hand side bar.

The sketchbook is a 10" x 7" Cachet Linen watercolor sketchbook - the same one that I used for all of our trips to London.  I can work on both sides of each page, but there is a little buckling that you can see when the page is scanned. 

We watched the Pixar movie "Cars" our first morning and she requested that I draw and paint "Mater."


We took Annabelle to the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall and while my husband took her through her favorite simulators, I sketched an aerial airplane and painted it later from a photo I took.


One morning I took Annabelle to buy art supplies and thought that she would love using the Crayola Paint Brush Pens.  But after she used the first one, she insisted on using the other new brushes and Crayola pan watercolors I bought - and I couldn't convince her that the brush paint pens weren't markers!


It was really hot in DC all weekend, and Annabelle spent several hours with one of her friends in an Arlington playground with lots of waterplay.  I sat in the shade and did quick sketches of her, pail in hand, to record the event.



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