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Illuminated Fashion at the Morgan

There is a wonderful exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum

Art historian Anne Hagopian Van Buren (1927-2008) studied firmly dated art from Medieval France and Flanders in order to understand fashion during the period 1330-1515.  Most of the paintings are from illuminated manuscripts and more than 50 of them are on display in the exhibit with a historical timeline, enlargements of major paintings, and 4 mannequins with clothing from the paintings.

Teri, Pat, Benedicte and I were mesmerized and spent more than two hours sketching and learning.  The website is fantastic - and contains each of the paintings with detailed analysis of the clothing and the source. 

I'm posting my two journals pages - with drawings and lots of notes.  I was most fascinated by the womens' head coverings - the horns of temple composed of hair and straw and the turrets with attached transparent veils that replaced them.




These are wonderful journal pages. I loved looking at and reading them. I would enjoy and exhibit like this one! PS, think of you every time I make lemon bars!

It looks like a great exhibition, I'm quite envious! :)

Costume is fascinating, isn't it! I haven't made any clothes of this era, but I have 18th C. FUN. These are wonderful, Shirley...

I would have enjoyed sketching these costumes, I used to love sketching clothes and designing things to sew! Love your sketches, did you color them in the museum? or later?

I just adore your museum reports. Thanks for sharing them!

Nice observations... It looks like you enjoyed your visit to the museum. Check out my blog, where I posted some historic fashion sketches, some of them medieval

Thanks so much for your comments Shirley. =) These are wonderful sketches, they've got lots of style.

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