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July 29, 2011

Mini-Vacation in New Hampshire

We spent 3 days on Silver Lake, near Keene NH.  The cool weather was delightful after our 3 sweltering days in New York City.  Here are two flowers drawn from the garden - and 3 sketches from a Picasso Art book that our friends had. 


From Draw With Pablo Picasso by Ana Salvador - a nice paperback that our friends purchased at the San Francisco Art Museum during the recent Picasso exhibit.  The quotes are from the book.

I keep thinking that if I copy Picasso's drawings, some of his magic with lines, may enter my DNA.  What do you think?



July 27, 2011

Midnight in Paris

The heat in NYC was unbearable Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  So even though we rarely go to the movies, my husband and I went to see Woody Allen's new movie "Midnight in Paris.  It was great - especially the fabulous Paris scenes that started the minute it opened and didn't end until the final second!  So many memories of our vacations there flooded into my mind and I came home wanting to do a Paris journal page. 

Our last trip there was in February 2005 and I wasn't keeping travel sketchbooks then.  I always wanted to draw the Eiffel Tower, but was almost paralyzed by the complexity of the construction in my photos.  So I searched for Eiffel Tower drawings and actually found a tutorial - which was just perfect.

I decided to scan and print a Michelin Paris Guide map for the first layer, then absorbent ground to partially cover it, and finally ink and watercolor drawing/painting.  This is a technique that I saw on Jane LaFazio's blog in 2010 and use periodically in my journals.


July 24, 2011

Figure Drawing - Beach Costumes

The models this Thursday at the Society of illustrators sketch night were dressed for the beach - with a parasol, sunglasses, tropical drinks, wraps, and flip-flops.  These were fun accessories to draw and the models were just great.  Nineteen sketches were done, but I'm only uploading several - all of the same model.

These are 2 two minute sketches, a 5 minute sketch, and a ten minute sketch:




I switched to a watercolor pencil for drawing and large sheets of watercolor paper for the 20 minute minute poses and used the time to draw the models and shade and paint the sketches.  This seems like a good way to work with watercolor before I'm ready and able to "sketch" the figures with my brush.  These sketches were photographed because the paper is bigger than my scanner.



July 21, 2011

Scattered Journal Pages

I am posting several journal pages that I did recently, to include some variety on this blog.  Tonight will be my last figure drawing session until after Labor Day, so my next blog entry will be more drawings from Sketch Night in costume.   

This plant was a gift from friends and it just keeps flowering.  I read about gloxinias and know that they need to die back and hibernate later in the season.  I only have one set of windows that have a wide window sill and enough light, so I'm afraid that this plant will not be with me next year.  I'll try to repot it next Spring, but would love to hear what others do with their indoor gloxinias.


I'm still sending weekly postcards to my dear friend Melly as she enters phase 3 of her breast cancer treatment.  She recently mentioned "dancing" when all of this is over, so I redrew my model's shoes from last week and painted them for her for last Saturday's postcard.  I hope they make her laugh!  Neither of us are the 5 inch spiked heel type of lady.



July 16, 2011

Figure Drawing - in Costume

Sketch Night on Thursday night at the Society of Illustrators is a great change because both models are in costume - partial or complete.  This past Thursday was Bastille Day and they both wore French-inspired dresses, very high heels, and wigs.  Props included a baguette, wine bottle and two glasses of wine.

Here are a few 2 min sketches, one 5 min sketch, and one of the 20 minute sketches which was drawn and colored with watercolor pencils.





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