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Central Park Sketching and Art Meetup Group

Our Central Park Meetup Group met at the Conservatory Garden again and it was beastly hot.  However, there were enough non-wilted flowers to paint.  They are not labelled and I have little practical knowledge of flowers - but I love drawing individual blooms.




There are two wonderful fountains in the Garden.  One of the fountain areas was the site for a lovely wedding.  The other fountain, the Three Dancing Maidens, was in bright sunlight.  But we discovered that we could dangle our feet into ice cold fountain water until the guards reprimanded us.  I drew this fountain twcie before (see here and here) and this time I decided to just draw one of the maidens.  I had just enough time before the guards came!



Following Meetup, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a special afternoon program on Picasso to go along with their huge current exhibit.  Francois Gilot gave a long and excellent lecture on her encounter with Picasso, She lived with him for 10 years and had two children with him.  Professor Michael Fitggerald presented detailed information about the first private American collectors of Picasso's paintings and the history of the Met vs MoMA and their Picasso acquisitions.  Then there was a wonderful French film (The Mystery of Picasso - 1955) in which Picasso drew on one side of a support and we the audience just saw the lines forming and colored inks being added.  It was mesmerizing. 


I love the flowers! =) They look so natural

How funny that the guard caught you with your feet dangling in the cool water. Of course, he walked around and admired your beautiful sketches, I'm sure. Enjoyed the pieces. Boy, you really take advance of the art world. Love hearing of your outings.

These are all fantastic! I really like that you focused on just one of the maidens this time. Great details! I had a chuckle thinking of you getting busted for putting your feet in the water!

Just saw this on a blog that I follow, thought you might be interested:

"The Online Picasso project is a comprehensive online catalogue of Picasso's oeuvre. The site contents are impressive: 18,647 Catalogued Artworks, 9,092 Artwork Notes, 3,315 Artwork Commentaries, 844 Listed Collections, plus hundreds or thousands of biographical entries and commentaries, references, archived articles...

The database is thoroughly organized, and the artwork to display can be filtered by title, technique, year... The pages load fast and the catalogued items appear as sorted thumbnails, which can be zoomed in to appreciate the details of selected pieces.

An invaluable resource for art students, designers, artists and art lovers in general."


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