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Meet-Up Central Park Sketching and Art Group

Our Meet-Up Central Park Sketching and Art Group met at the Conservatory Gardens on Saturday.  All of the flowering trees were in full bloom and the early flowers ranged from buds to full bloom.  It was gorgeous, but problematic for anyone with several tree allergies.  I loaded up on meds and went, planning to stay only as long as my allergies would permit.

We had 4 30 minute sketching sessions in 4 different areas of the Gardens.  After each one, group members lined up their sketchbooks and shared their work.  Nearly 100 photos are already posted on the site and can be seen here.

I sketched both fountains in May of last year and did both again.  The 3 Dancing Maidens is a real challenge in 30 minutes and this year I didn't need to stretch one of the arms to double normal length to have two maidens holding hands.  Neither year did I have time to do more than a pencil sketch.




During the other two sessions I sketched two of the blooming flowers.  The daffodils were gorgeous.  The other flower (I have no idea what they are) were beautifully colored, each little component in shades from pink through blue to purple - the same colors as hydrangeas.






These sketches are truly impressive! I love the dancing maidens, and good for you with the arms thing. It's a problem I have sometimes, tool. Your flowers are so pretty - I don't know what the last one is called either, but they look like they should have "bell" in their name! Well done!! nancy

Love your dancing maidens, Shirley. So much spirit and movement. Delightful. Also very taken with your spring flowers. I haven't been able to get here for ages, so I'm now going to sit back and enjoy all the posts I've missed while I have my second cup of coffee.

Delightful drawings here! I especially love the 3 dancing maidens! Expressive, full of movement and joy.

Nicely drawn! Love those happy and dandy looking figures, and I must say I really like those flowers you drew =) It's something special about them, maybe the way you present them and put frames around them, they look so much more elegant that way. ^^

love your presentation of your flowers. Nice layout and a lovely reminder that its finally spring.

I love that wonderful sense of joy and movement in the dancing girls!
You commented on my Virtual paintout sketch and asked how long it takes to find a place to paint. It can take a really long time! It's easy to get lost or keep moving the pegman around areas with no interesting places. It's hit and miss, but this time I was lucky and found this spot in about 10 minutes. It can also be fascinating traveling around a new city.

Wonderful lively drawing of the dancing maidens! I am impressed!
I also love the flowers, you delicate layers of watercolor and the setting in a frame. Lovely! I think the blue flower is: Echium vulgare or Viper's Bugloss. I majored in botany, so if your painting is close to the original it should be the bugloss.

These are all so wonderful! I looked through the pictures and wow! fantastic place to sketch and I can't believe how many people turned out for the meet-up! Your dancing maidens are so well done and I love the flowers!

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