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The Drawings of Bronzino

I just came back from a morning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - wandering and drawing in the current exhibit of drawings by Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572).  The exhibit, which is believed to contain nearly all known drawings by or attributed to this Florentine artist, is wonderful for anyone who loves drawing figures.  Since I have so much trouble drawing hands and feet, I sketched from those drawings to day - and imagine that I will return for two more days before April 18th, one for faces and one for nude figures.    

Here are two pages - four sketches that I did with a watercolor pencil, although no water was added.



The last time that I was so excited by figure drawings was when I first saw drawings by Il Guercino (Giovan Francesco Barbieri called Guercino) at the Courtauld Gallery in London.  I remembered that he was also an Italian artist, but when I looked him up he was born almost 20 years after Bronzino died - and was from the Bolognese school. 

Sketches that I made from Guercino drawings can be seen here and here.  You may need to scroll down since both previous blog entries contain several drawings.



WONDERFUL practice, Shirley!

Your hands and feet look great! Great way to practice.

Very nice, indeed. Great job with the foreshortening! I'd love to be able to go there and draw from them, too. I've been using photos in books to copy master's drawings. Seeing the real thing would be a thrill! nancy

Really good !

Wow, those hands are fabulous!!!

The hand drawing is very good - you have been doing so much practice and your lines are so confident and flowing inthis. Congratulations!

Excellent sketches, Shirley. I'd be more than pleased with myself if I'd drawn these.

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