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More Bookbinding Adventures

I just finished making my second watercolor journal using book cloth that I made from dye painted fabric (procion MX dyes and corn dextrin resist).  The first one can be seen here.  This 6 X 8"book is made using 140 lb Fabriano soft press watercolor paper and consists of 6 signatures with two folios in each.  I'm thrilled to complete another one.

The Book Cover - made with blue and purple dyes.


The End Papers



 Australian Reversed Piano Hinge Journal

I made a second watercolor journal this week - using Gwen Diehn's instructions for a sketchbook with removeable pages.  EDM Members can access these instructions in a file on the message board.  This looked like a fun technique to know - even though I like working in journals that can be numbered and stored on a shelf.

Exterior of 5 X 7.5" Book:  Made with Fabriano Artistico (8 folios in 4 signatures) and TexLibris bookcloth.


Open Book - showing the spine:  The watercolor paper was used as end papers to insert the page block into the cover, so only one of the folios in each of those two signatures are removeable.


The Concertina and Flat Hinge: 

There is supposed to be a peper hinge which goes through the concertina tunnels to hold each folio in place.  I just happened to be in the New York Garment District, and saw the perfect size "bones" to use instead.  Here is a photo showing the bone passing through 3 concertina tunnels and fixing the folio.  Each folio makes 4 pages in the book.



This is a lovely book, and your photos are very clear. I have Gwen's instructions, but I haven't tried making it yet. One of the things I'm waiting for is that I need to get some Fabriano Artistico paper. Did you use hot pressed or soft for your paper? nancy

Hmmm more lovely book-cloth. Lovely blue in particular. I have also been busy making book-cloth.Some Balinese gilded material and some silk that I shibori-dyed. No time to make books at the moment though. I'm longing to try one of Gwen Diehn's structure also.

Oh that blue is heavenly! Such a nice book. I tried to do the math and I wasn't sure: do you have 6*2*2=24 pages? Or are there 48?

I'm becoming very annoyed with my book as the cold press paper is unsuitable for sketching. I've tried every kind of drawing implement and I'm just not getting good results when I want to draw. The book truly is turning out to be a mutt. Next book is definitely going to be the soft press paper!

Wow. Beautiful books!
Lovely pen sketches below too!

Your hand dyed cover is absolutely lovely, Shirley! Hope it is not too snowy there in NY for you...wish we could borrow some for the Olympics here.

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