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London Visits: Part 23 Miscellaneous Sketches


Another sketch from the London Natural History Museum.  This was sketched using a Derwent sketching medium wash 4B pencil and then "washed" by using a waterbrush over the sketch lines.  Interesting.  Need to play around with this pencil a little more.


There is a wonderful drawing exhibit at the Courtauld Art Gallery at Somerset House.  Guercino was the foremost Italian drawing artist during the 17th C. and his drawings are brilliant.  The gallery also is displaying some Rembrandt drawings to enhance the exhibit.  This is a quick sketch of St. Jerome that I did just to remember the joy of seeing his work.


We walk by this pub several times each day and I finally sketched it.  In spite of multiple visits to London over the past year, we still haven't gone to a pub.  There are several in our neighborhood that I've been meaning to sketch, but I feel that I should at least stop by for a drink.


Love that giraffe! So full of personality. Your sketches from the Art Gallery are so interesting as is the Pub. Yes, you really must stop in for a drink. You might find a pleasant surprise and something to sketch.

Shirley: Your clean lines are so exquisite and yet contain all the charm in the world -- BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!!

These are wonderful -your giraffe has such a sweet face, and I love the pub too.

Shirley - you should have said! We could have gone for a drink in a pub. (I saw all these sketches in person yesterday in Shirleys 3rd London sketchbook! They are even better 'in person' as it were)

Wonderful sketches....especially love that giraffe!

Your giraffe is wonderful. I just watched a program on PBS that I'd saved a long time ago called "Tall Blondes" about giraffes and their history. They are so beautiful. Being tall I've always felt a kindred spirit with them.

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