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February 10, 2010

More Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Practice

My opinion of this pen is still open, I find it impossible to draw with but easier to use after I have done a quick pencil sketch.  So in my daily sketches, I'm trying to periodically use it instead of the Sakura Pigma Micron or Zig Millenium pens. 

I copied another Rembrandt drawing, in pencil first, because he achieves so many line widths in his drawings.  My biggest discovery was - this is watersoluble ink in the Pentel pen.  So now I know it will never be my regular pen for pen, ink, and watercolor wash drawings.


I then decided to use it on one of my own sketches, instead of practicing from Rembrandt.  While my baby grandson was asleep I sketched the top of the NYC Soldiers and Sailors monument - which can be seen out of my son's apartment window.  Zachary is a master of 30 minute naps, so I knew that I had limited time to do the pencil sketch and then complete it with the Pentel pen.  It was fast, loose, and fun.  But I had to be very careful adding a little watercolor because the ink is not permanent.


February 7, 2010

Our Meetup Drawing Group - Feb 6th

Although our monthly Meetup Group is for Drawing in Central Park, cold weather necessitates other venues - usually museums.  Yesterday however, we had a figure drawing session, my second of the week.  I'm just uploading the first 4 poses - three 5 minute poses and one 10 minute pose.  I stayed for 3 hours and everyone was still drawing!

Two five minute poses - two models


One 5 minute and one 10 minute pose - two models,  The mark in the middle of the second models back was a tatoo.


New York City missed the big snow storm on Saturday, but another one is coming midweek.  This morning the wind chill was 0 in the City and I just wanted to stay in and sew and read. 

February 3, 2010

Figure Drawing Night at the Society of Illustrators

 I thoroughly enjoy my monthly figure drawing sessions - and last evening one of the two models was the lovely pregnant woman from my last session.  The fast, i.e. 2 minute and 5 minute sketches are the most fun for me, probably because I get bored during the 20 minute poses when I think I should add faces and hands.  Feet are rarely an option because I can't see them from where I sit.

2 minute Pose


2 Minute Pose Left and 5 Minute Pose Right


5 Minute Pose


5 Minute Pose Left and 10 Minute Pose Right


I realized that I chose to upload only the drawings that I did of the pregnant model. (there are always 19 total)  She is just glowing - with a beautiful calm face and lovely smile.

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