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More Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Practice

My opinion of this pen is still open, I find it impossible to draw with but easier to use after I have done a quick pencil sketch.  So in my daily sketches, I'm trying to periodically use it instead of the Sakura Pigma Micron or Zig Millenium pens. 

I copied another Rembrandt drawing, in pencil first, because he achieves so many line widths in his drawings.  My biggest discovery was - this is watersoluble ink in the Pentel pen.  So now I know it will never be my regular pen for pen, ink, and watercolor wash drawings.


I then decided to use it on one of my own sketches, instead of practicing from Rembrandt.  While my baby grandson was asleep I sketched the top of the NYC Soldiers and Sailors monument - which can be seen out of my son's apartment window.  Zachary is a master of 30 minute naps, so I knew that I had limited time to do the pencil sketch and then complete it with the Pentel pen.  It was fast, loose, and fun.  But I had to be very careful adding a little watercolor because the ink is not permanent.



Bravo - wonderful sketches. I love what you did with the bearded man, and the memorial is really good.. the addition of the watercolor is a nice touch. nancy

Very nicely done! I've never used one, but your pen sketches are wonderful.

Hi Shirley! LOVE the old man, who cares if you felt the need for a little pencil first, it's wonderful! Usually the Pentel Pocket Brush ink is waterproof if you let it dry thoroughly, but Pentel makes two brushpens--one is, one isn't. Dick Blick has the ones that say the ink is permanent--and it is, when dry...

You captured the freedom of line in the figure, yet fine detail in the memorial sketch. If you wanted to master it, you would. Thanks, Kate for the pen info.

Wonderful sketches! I find it difficult to sketch directly with this pen and I always use pencil first on this. Mainly it's because when I'm sketching I don't look at my paper often, so I cannot always tell how fat the line is that I'm making. And I think with a brush, it's important to control where the line is fat, and where it is thin.

I just got mine out to test. When I added water immediately, it bled a little. But, when I let it dry for a minute or two, there was no bleeding at all. I opened it up and mine uses the FP-10 cartridge.

I still really like the pocket brush. I think your drawings are quite good. I read your hand writing to say the Soldiers and Jailers Memorial and thought, 'hm. that is an interesting combination'. Ah well.

Ink makes a Statement, while graphite, though lovely, always feels more fragile (because erasable???). A book I got on Pen and Ink suggests designing in pencil, then inking... I'd quote but I loaned it to my darling grandson and I haven't reclaimed yet. So you are not 'cheating'. And look at the results you got - these are terrific! I never thought about dashing watercolor onto mine until reading EDM. The bits of blue around the dome add so much to finishing the piece. :)

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