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Our Meetup Drawing Group - Feb 6th

Although our monthly Meetup Group is for Drawing in Central Park, cold weather necessitates other venues - usually museums.  Yesterday however, we had a figure drawing session, my second of the week.  I'm just uploading the first 4 poses - three 5 minute poses and one 10 minute pose.  I stayed for 3 hours and everyone was still drawing!

Two five minute poses - two models


One 5 minute and one 10 minute pose - two models,  The mark in the middle of the second models back was a tatoo.


New York City missed the big snow storm on Saturday, but another one is coming midweek.  This morning the wind chill was 0 in the City and I just wanted to stay in and sew and read. 


Nicely done! I'm glad you guys missed all the snow and that you're enjoying your life drawing classes.

I look at your wonderful life drawings and long to get back to it myself. These are very well done! We're supposed to get 7" here in the mitten on Tues. ..... Maybe it's the same storm you're supposed to get midweek. Maybe it will miss both of us ... I hope so! nancy

These are great! One thing, well two actually, that stands out for me is the hand and the foot of the 5min right hand model. The hand grasping the arm reads very well. And I love how you've shown the ankle bone and part of her achilles tendon on her foot!

More great drawings! I especially like the figure with the braid down her back - something about that pose that you captured so well.

We did get dumped on with more snow, then ice. Everyone here is so very weary of our winter weather. Our forecast for wed. calls for a blizzard. joy.

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