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Inspired by Seurat

I never much cared for Seurat, the pointillist, but fell madly in love with Seurat drawings last year at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  I did some research on the paper he used and found a modern equivalent at NY Central Art Supply.  It was then possible to play with pencils and some of his images to see how they were done.  I already posted my "Seurat-like" drawings here and here (scroll down).  Then I began to wonder if I could make a drawing from my life and try to use similar techniques on the same paper and here is my first effort.  It is from a photo taken of my son-in-law as he walks along a busy street holding hands with his two oldest children.  Although I was happy playing with the technique, I immediately understood exactly what I need to do when repeating the experiment. 




This is very good. I like the dreamy quality of it.

This is wonderful!!! I like how you were inspired to take this a step further using your own family as the models. I feel like I have missed August and am hoping to catch up with everyone. I just glanced at your beach vacation sketches....what fun! I'm a bit sad summer is just about over. I start my French and Oil painting classes this week!!! Life goes on!

Hello Shirley,
this is indeed a very good drawing!

This is so effective

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