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EDM Challenges 172 & 177 + Seurat Drawing

I'm always happy when I can post an EDM Challenge before the next one is announced.  These exercises are great for me to do and I try to stretch my skills a little with each one. 

We were on vacation when the "Sparkle Challenge" was posted and I really wanted to try to capture the light of a gem stone.  I'm not very good painting reflections and I kept looking for a big stone.  I even took a photo of the Hope diamond when we were in DC.  But then I decided to just draw a Bulgari bracelet from an advertisement and move on.


I also took photos of cute little Capitol Hill houses with flags blowing in the breeze on our trip to DC because I knew that ! couldn't draw a moving flag.  Then, at the end of my taxi ride to Union Station following my meetings, I looked up and saw the facade of the station.  I grabbed my camera, took several photos and headed inside for my train back to New York. 


I loved the Seurat Drawings Exhibit at MoMA NY and was especially fascinated with the paper (click on the Conservation button).  This is especially interesting because I don't even sketch with Conte or charcoal.  I looked up the Michallet paper and learned that the modern day equivalent is available at NY Central Art Supplies.  I bought a sheet while I was there on Saturday just to experiment with it.  I ripped it into smaller pieces and now will play with it, using Seurat's drawings as my inspiration.  Here is #1 - done with a 1/8th sheet and a Derwent Drawing pencil. 




Shirley, What a fabulous post - the flags post is So NYC, I love it - your people are always amazing, and the sparkle is perfect, looks like it could be a lovely adv in a magazine, what variety ! Great work!!! and FUN!

Wow these are all very nice! I like the colors that you use, they are soft and calming

Like them all very much, but most especially the flags.

Oh yes, these definitely sparkle! I really like the rhythm and composition of the flags in a row. When you mentioned going to the New York art supply store my mind went wild with the idea -- is it gigantic and full of every possible kind of art supply?

It's been way too long since I stopped by here! This is one of the blogs I miss the most when I get bogged down and lose touch. A wonderful post in your unique style. I'm interested in that paper - I think I'll head over and have a look.

HI -
I "found" this page (the Union Station Entrance) through an image search on google of flags...I really like it for it's simplicity and beauty. I am creating a business card for myself - and wanted to see if you would "license" me the right to use a portion of that image on my cards. I provide business advise and am looking to help others with my 30 years of experience. The image of the two flags (didn't have room for all 3) conveys a very nice look. I hope this is ok, and would like to work something out with you.

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