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Our Home in San Antonio, Texas

We moved to San Antonio Texas from LaJolla California and while my husband worked at the Army Institute for Surgical Research, I joined the faculty at the University of Texas Health Science Center.  We initially intended to move on at the end of 3 years, but instead my husband joined me on the faculty and we raised all 3 children there before returning to New York City.  We had a Texas ranch house built in the 1950s, with wonderful shade trees and lots of space for our family.  This sketch was made from a photo taken during the winter - and our live oak tree still has leaves.  When we moved to Texas I learned for the first time that live oak trees drop their leaves in the spring instead of the fall.  We lived in this house for 18 happy years.206Briarcliff.jpg 



I love this series you're doing on the homes you've lived in Shirley - it's such a good idea!

LOVELY, Shirley! What a beautiful home!

This is great. Your kids will love the memories too.

This is a very interesting series. That looks like a great house- perfect to be full of wonderful memories.

I'm really enjoying this series as well. I hope to see it soon in person!

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