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Watercolor Journals

I enjoy recycling old books as watercolor journals, but took a workshop in June so I could also make cased-in journals of a standard size.  The journal we made in the workshop is bigger than the ones I like for my daily sketchbook.  I currently use a large Moleskine watercolor book, but really don't like the landscape format.  However, I like the size and wanted to see if I could make a similar size journal in a portrait format.

 I used 140 lb Fabriano Artistico extra-bright soft press watercolor paper.  Each book contains 6 signatures - 2 folios per signature.  The finished books are 5.5 inches by 7.5 inches.  Here are photos of the covers, the end papers of one of the books, and the watercolor paper. 





Shirley, this is wonderful! You are going to have SUCH fun, and it's just so satisfying to have a book that's exactly what you want...

These books are really nice...can you explain what signatures are and how do you keep the pages in the book? Did you sew them/glue them. Just curious. Thinking about cutting up some watercolor pads and making them into books. Thanks

I have made watercolor journals similar to this using the instructions from Teesha Moore. I am working on a soul journal now and it is made up of 5 signatures using the Fabriano paper and canvas boards as the covers. How fun! I am glad to see someone else making their own journals.

These are great! I'd like to try that myself.

V e r y beautiful, Shirley! I'm thinking about doing my own sketchbooks as well, because I never find a book which suits me...or the paper isn't good to do watercolours in it - or the format I dislike - or the colour of the whole book - or - etc....
What I especially like here is the precious Parisian paper you have used - wonderful!

Beautiful! They look a lot like a book I made a couple of years back, only mine was pink. Lovely to use, and a perfect format. I wish you a lot of joy with these fellas!

I'm impressed! They look really good!

I'm looking forward to seeing these in person!

This looks beautiful but I'm a little confused - it looks like you stuck the end-papers in before the signatures? What was the binding?

This is very beautiful and looks to be something I would love to use for my watercolor journal. How did you bind the paper into the book?

thanks, linda

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