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April 13, 2008

I'm Even Practicing Animal Faces

Finding something to sketch every evening is sometimes hard.  I feel like Danny Gregory when he said that he sketched everything in his apartment.  Sometimes I work on faces and figures.  This week I also painted animal faces from my reference photos.  Here are my giraffe and rhino!  I specifically wanted to work on watercolor glazing, although I'm really impatient and don't always allow layers to dry properly!



April 10, 2008

Face and Figure Practice

I still practice sketching a few faces and figures each month - and try different pencils, pen, and watercolor washes as one of my goals for 2008.  Although I am still doing one sketch/journal page per day, my sketchbooks are really eclectic and I only have a few pages like this to upload each month.


The next two figures were sketched using photos in Mark Edward Smith's book The Nude Figure: A Visual Reference for the Artist.



These 3 sketches were made from photos in a small Yoga book I bought just for this purpose - to make quick, loose sketches/paintings in many different positions.





April 6, 2008

EDM Challenge #165: Draw Your House


I found this challenge to be really hard because of the perspective that I chose.  There is much too much detail on the facade of my brick and granite 16 floor New York City apartment building and decisions needed to be made about how detailed I wanted to make the sketch.  I definitely chose not to make the upper section bricks part of my sketch.  I'm in awe of artists who can sketch and paint entire brick facades!! 

I share my house with many other families as I live in a 16 floor New York City apartment building.  In Manhattan parlance, these buildings are either "pre-war" or "post-war," i.e. WWII.  Our building was built in the late 1920s and I was able to locate advertisements for it in the archives of the New York Times.  Our architect, who was doing bathroom renovation, also found a piece of a newspaper that was buried beneath the bathtub in the master bedroom bathroom, so we have proof of the date when it was under construction.  I also located and printed the 1930 census pages for the building and now have several very interesting pages about the occupants at that time.  At the same time I printed out the 1930 census for the building 2 of my 3 children live in - showing Babe Ruth living there with his wife's family.

I will have to try it again from across the street so I can sketch it straight-on and concentrate more on the actual structure.  My stimulus for this might be to make notecards that I can use for the notes that I never get around to writing!  



April 4, 2008

Our First Visit with Annabelle

We took the train to Washington DC last weekend for our first visit with Annabelle.  I used 3 Cachet Linen Watercolor Journals for our multiple visits to London to visit our other grandchildren when they lived there in 2006-2007.  I had one more just waiting for a special theme - and I decided that it would be my travel sketchbook for Washington DC and my visits to see Annabelle.  When we arrived Friday evening I had just enough energy before bed to sketch a few flowers from the bouquet from her greatgrandfather and the tiniest cutest little pink socks I ever saw..


On Saturday morning I held her on my lap after I finished feeding her, and held my sketchbook up in one hand while sketching her little hands and feet.


The edges of these 7 X 10 pages don't scan very well.

We took her out for fresh air Saturday and visited Eastern Market where I always find something fun to sketch and paint.  The tin rooster I saw in the morning was already sold, but there was a ceramic one that worked just fine!  And I loved the cute lion face on a batik wallhanging made by another vendor.


On Sunday I sketched her new "lovey," a Jellycat stuffed animal called "Miaow Bella Mocha."  This was a gift from her cousin - before anyone knew her name.  Now Annabelle has her cat Bella.  It is customary in our family to take a picture every month with a specific stuffed animal to see changes in my grandchildren's size and development during the first year.  My daughter and other daughter-in-law have been so creative that these are among my favorite pictures of our grandchildren.  Bella will be used for those photos with Annabelle.




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