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May 24, 2008

Last Every Day in May - 23

We are in Quebec City and Montreal for vacation - see everyone in June.  The first page of the recycled book that I made for this trip is a map of Quebec Province and I hope to really play and have fun on every page! 

May 21, 2008

Every Day in May - 20 and 21


May 20th:  Another Matisse contour drawing from my book of Suerat to Matisse French Drawings.  Matisse did the contour drawing self-portrait, and I copied it line by line and then added the color.


May 21st:  Long day at work and we're getting ready for vacation this evening.  I removed the sharps from my carry-on bag and did my fastest sketch ever.  One more day of work and then a relaxing trip to Montreal and Quebec City where I hope to fill a specially prepared recycled sketchbook.


May 19, 2008

Every Day in May - 19


A quick sketch tonight for EDM Challenge #171: Draw Ice Cream

I love ice cream and had this photograph mounted as part of a storyboard collage that I did for a project about me. 


May 18, 2008

Every Day in May 18


We met our son and grandson at the Toy Boat Pond this morning in Central Park and I had time to sketch and paint this lamp post while waiting for them to arrive.  I actually sketched one of the Park lamp posts once before, but didn't have a bench perfectly positioned to see a symmetrical globe and cover.   There was sun when we arrived but the clouds rolled in over the next hour and it is again raining!


May 17, 2008

Every Day in May - 17


Today my husband and I went to the Peter Blum Gallery in Soho to see 80 prints by Goya from his Disasters of War collection.  These are amazingly powerful and I sketched a detail from two of the prints ( "With or Without Reason" and "Dead Bodies").  Afterward we had a glass of wine in a wine bar on West Broadway in Tribeca where I filled a second journal page.  The logo of the wine bar is a medieval woodcut that the owner found in an old text.  I sketched only the top half and reversed the colors. 



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