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EDM Challenge #165: Draw Your House


I found this challenge to be really hard because of the perspective that I chose.  There is much too much detail on the facade of my brick and granite 16 floor New York City apartment building and decisions needed to be made about how detailed I wanted to make the sketch.  I definitely chose not to make the upper section bricks part of my sketch.  I'm in awe of artists who can sketch and paint entire brick facades!! 

I share my house with many other families as I live in a 16 floor New York City apartment building.  In Manhattan parlance, these buildings are either "pre-war" or "post-war," i.e. WWII.  Our building was built in the late 1920s and I was able to locate advertisements for it in the archives of the New York Times.  Our architect, who was doing bathroom renovation, also found a piece of a newspaper that was buried beneath the bathtub in the master bedroom bathroom, so we have proof of the date when it was under construction.  I also located and printed the 1930 census pages for the building and now have several very interesting pages about the occupants at that time.  At the same time I printed out the 1930 census for the building 2 of my 3 children live in - showing Babe Ruth living there with his wife's family.

I will have to try it again from across the street so I can sketch it straight-on and concentrate more on the actual structure.  My stimulus for this might be to make notecards that I can use for the notes that I never get around to writing!  




Shirley! This is wonderful! And full of perspective fun. I love it! The Home seems to be trying to go for a walk and the awning is trying to stop it from moving. This is such a wonderful, lovely drawing. I love the flag! Keep up the good work. Drawn with Natural love of a Home. I want a note card of this one. Now please! I live down the road from Marblehead. All these houses with dates and names. The people who built and who lived in them. Extraordianry collection of Our Colonial America and the beginnings of what made Us choose to break with Great Britain. Do you not think it funny! We sought French help! Then around here-French language is frowned on- such Frappe - pronounced with a sharp P as in Wrap - Frap! Yet, with all Our British heritage you only seem to find Italian food. Keep up the drawing of the houses on your street.
Sherrie R.

Beautiful front...guess it was a little hard to stand across the street and draw the whole building:>

I've often wondered what your building looked like - although I guess I had an idea it might be a bit like this from your previous descriptions.

My home is in a building with an 1848 plaque on the wall outside but fortunately only our facade is 'listed'. I find it great living in an old place even if I do have sloping floors! It makes doing renovations really interesting particularly when we get back to the 'original' - such as when we did my kitchen and found original Victorian paint in 'Brunswick Green'. We did the 'conservation' thing and covered up with new panelling so that all the original panelling and paint were untouched.

I wonder if you get could high up in one of the buildings across the street to draw and then the perspective would not be so much of a challenge?

Great drawing

This is really good! I know you said it was hard, but you succeeded wonderfully.

Absolutely lovely Shireley, the way you cropped it and shadowed it and the detail included, Perfect! I always enjoy your architectural sketches - And I Know personally how Gracious and warm your appartment is!

AND the history, Amazing, I am sure that building (and others) could tell many a good tale!

Shirley, I wondered who would have the extra hard challenge of living in an apartment building. I was interested in the background research you did. What a wonderful way to feel part of a building's history. Your sketch does give a good feeling for the gracious style of the building.

Just beautiful and elegant...I love your palette! :)

I like the minimal use of color. Thanks for sharing!

This would already make great notecards, Shirley. I love it - and how wonderful that you've been able to trace its history like that.

I like this just fine and think it would make interesting note cards. I think it's fine with just a few bricks drawn to suggest that the front is brick. Great look, with just basically the flag colored.

I am so enjoying "visiting" everyone's homes this week. Your's is lovely!

What an elegant place you live!You've captured the whole feeling in this little part.

Yes, perspective drawing can be fun and challenging. Nice attempt - like the colors!

You've done great on this sketch shirley. It is a beautiful old building and it is so cool to know something about some of the previous occupants.

Those canvas awnings into NY apartment buildings always make me think I'm in a Hollywood movie, Shirley - you don't seem many of them in Australia - or Tuscany, for that matter. Delightful drawing and I agree it is a must for a note card (and I'd love to receive one!)

I must say that it is sooo fascinating seeing where people live. So far they're all so different from my little house. Expecxting a very windy day tomorrow, but if not I might be out there drawing it.

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