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I'm Even Practicing Animal Faces

Finding something to sketch every evening is sometimes hard.  I feel like Danny Gregory when he said that he sketched everything in his apartment.  Sometimes I work on faces and figures.  This week I also painted animal faces from my reference photos.  Here are my giraffe and rhino!  I specifically wanted to work on watercolor glazing, although I'm really impatient and don't always allow layers to dry properly!




These are beautiful! Your colors and shading are perfect. Kinda' cute too.

just beautiful wc!

Looks like you got the glaze thing down. I can relate to that ( the not waiting long enough to let the paint dry) it's one of my biggest pitfalls! Love that "do" on the giraffe's horns...

Goodness, Shirley, your Rhino leaps right off the page. He's beautiful!!!!! It's a beautiful sketch and watercolour and your use of colour is perfect. Brava! And that's not to say the giraffe is second best either. Lovely, lovely work. But I want that Rhino!

Shirley, these are just wonderful! Since I have been doing portraits I have found that animals are not that different.

Lovely animal paintings, they really are great. We have started Animal Wednesday, come and join sometime (post on your own blog - very informal!)

Wonderful colours. Yep, I feel I've sketched just about everything from my sofa time and time again. Now, what I have to decide is....do I carry on or do I move my lazy back side to a different chair?
Hmmm....toughie! LOL!

Oh these are awesome! I really like them both. You did a great job here!

Both of these are stunning...beautiful watercolor technique...and I love the palette you used too! :)

Shirley -- these are MARVELOUS!! Those faces are worthy of cards or a frame -- friendly, well well done -- SUPER SUPER JOB, cara!

Rhino is fabulous ! Lovely paintings. It remembered me I have to visit ZOO for sketching.

I like the rhino the best. What a great face. I love the way the washes turned out. Both of these are wonderful paintings!

Oh My Lord, Shriley these are outstanding they could easily be in a children's book !! They are soft and expressive and just Adorable, even the rhino is adorable!

Have been away for a little while and its fab to be back catching up on your blog. LOVE the rhino .... and the earlier post with the drawings of your grandchild's little hands/feet ... Oh my, how wonderful!

These are wonderful Shirley ... and I've always loved the comments you make about your drawings and the processes and thoughts you go through!

That rhino is fabulous! You got the texture of his skin (or is it called hide?) just perfectly.

These animals are wonderful. You're a real master with the watercolour.

I'll just second all the previous comments - I love your rhino.

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