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February Red Color Project


February was my month to experiment with my cadmium red and alizarin crimson W-N tube watercolor paints.  I made several more sketches, but these are representational samples of the type of paintings that were done.  The "lion" journal, which I purchased in Venice, was done using a watercolor mask. I was pleased with the process because it actually looks very similar to the handmade cover - imprecise sketching and painting.


Shirley -- these are incredibly well done!! Love all the reds and the colors - and the sketching is super!! BRAVA! What a neat thing to do -- I'm adding 'color' to my list of things to do!!

Shirley -- these are beautiful...the colors are all so rich, and the sketches so detailed...I'm going to have to try this too... Congrats on figuring out the html to make it all work!

Oh, I do love these, Shirley! I am so excited for you---you seem to be on a roll.

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